Hi, I’m Kelsey, this is the section where you get to discover all the little, and somewhat crazy things about me!

I have always loved being behind the camera. My earliest memories include trekking through mom’s freshly planted flowerbeds taking pretend photos with my older sisters hand me down camera. Over the next few years this would change to secretly taking my parents camera and filling the film up with self portraits. The film would get developed and ‘surprise’ the photo envelope was full of my quirky funny faces. I would like to say I’ve grown out of this but what fun would that be! Now it just includes a quite larger camera, tripods, unique locations that no one would expect amazingness from and pretty light. Oh, how I love pretty light! This intro wouldn’t be complete without talking about some of my favourite things, well more like obsessions! A day just would not be complete without an inclusion of turquoise. I am a lover of ALL things turquoise. My turquoise chair I do all my editing in, my turquoise pen that I spend hours writing lists with, my turquoise makeup brushes… I think you get the point.

Singing. I’m really quite good. It’s what I tell myself anyways. I’m that person you pull up beside at a red light who is full on belting out to whatever is on the radio.

I also love receiving mail. I patiently (and I use that word loosely) wait for the mail truck to pass by every day with the hope that there will be something in the post box with my name on it that’s not a bill.

The pictures on this page illustrate some more of my favourite things and I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little more about me. Now that you do, I think we should chat so send me a note! Can’t wait to hear from you!